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How is it July already!? New dealer announcement!

Feeling like we've hardly blinked since Christmas we've found ourselves rolling into July! Where has the time gone!?

We're really excited to share with you that we have a new dealer for North Yorkshire & Humberside - ALS Heating! Like all of our dealers, they're a family owned business who share the same enthusiasm as us for our wonderful Eco Tubs. They're launching the Eco Tubs for you to view in August - if you're in the area be sure to head over and have a look.

Lead time wise, we are currently working on approximately 6 weeks. We'd like to thank our customers for their patience during this unprecedented time - we really appreciate your support.

Hot Tubs in France are continuing their wonderful road show. Check out to find their schedule & if you're able to go please RSVP to their Facebook page.

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