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The Glyme (Air & Hydro)

2 Person Eco Tub

Wood fired hot tub wood burning hot tub

Good things DO come in small packages

Compact, but comfortable. The 'Glyme' is perfect for couples, small families, friends and singles who want to enjoy a relaxing experience. It is also popular with holiday lets and campsite owners who want to add a little luxury to their guest accommodation.

The beauty of this small and well-designed tub, is that it has all the great features of the larger Cotswold Eco Tub models, but takes up less space.

Available in a choice of two bubble systems.

Glyme Air RRP £3575.00

Glyme Hydro RRP £4075.00


  • Hand-crafted and made to the highest possible specifications

  • 1 hour heat-up time in optimum conditions

  • Lightweight design

  • Internal LED colour change lighting

  • Bubble system - choice of either:
    »  Air - bubble system (no maintenance required);
    »  Hydro - hydro (water jet) massage system with adjustable outlets for tailored output

  • Insulated Cover (increases efficiency by 30%)

  • Stainless steel flue and External boiler

  • External boiler made with high-grade Grade 304 Chlorine-Resistant Materials

  • Hand Crafted Fibreglass Tub (this prevents air pockets from forming)

  • Triple treated nordic spruce cladding (selected for its highly durable qualities)

  • Drinks Bar

  • Deluxe Steps

  • Rain Cowl

  • Chimney Guard

  • 2 Waterproof Headrests

  • Tension Bands for longevity

  • Insulating Fibres within the layers of fibreglass (ensures no rodent risks to electrics as with spray foam insulation)

  • Water Treatment Starter Kit & Discount code

  • Quick-Drain Tap with Brass Hose-lock fitting - meaning you can empty and fill you tub via your hosepipe!

  • Up to 24 Months Warranty*

  • Length - 190cm

  • Width - 120cm

  • Height - 103cm

  • Depth - 92cm
    excludes external boiler

  • 500-700L Water Capacity*

Power Requirement - 500-700 watt through a standard 13amp 3-Pin Household Plug - no specialist electrics required!

*This is an approximation – the eco tub with more bathers will require less water and vice versa.

Wood fired hot tub wood burning hot tub

Personalise your tub...

Interior Colours

Wood fired hot tub wood burning hot tub

White Fibreglass

Wood fired hot tub wood burning hot tub

Grey Fibreglass

Exterior Colours

wood burning wood fired hot tub

Oak Cladding

wood burning wood fired hot tub

White Cladding

wood burning wood fired hot tub

Dark Cladding

wood burning wood fired hot tub

Natural Cladding

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