Wood Fired Hot Tubs

 Our Wood Fired Hot Tubs are made for carefree relaxation and offer a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Step into your very own paradise and allow your body to be soothed and your mind to unwind, combined with the captivating crackle of wood. Perfect enjoyed with your family, on your own or for socialising with friends.


With a wood burning hot tub you add more luxury and enjoyment to your precious leisure time – time that will rejuvenate and re-energise you for the challenges ahead. Spoil your body with a healing and invigorating air massage. Atmospheric underwater LED lighting will also help you to unwind, turning your spa into an oasis of beautiful colours. When the experience of warmth, bubbles, light and colour is combined with the sweet aromas of wood fire fragrances your Eco Tub will truly offer a sanctuary of relaxation for all the senses.


C Bernard

So glad we bought a Cotswold Eco Tub end of last year! My friends were laughing when all they saw was pictures of me in it since October 2019, now they wish they had bought one, as I spend most of my time in it since the lockdown! It is good for your mental health as well as your physical being. The customer service we had was awesome and it was delivered to where we wanted it, not just dropped on the drive like some suppliers do. If you haven’t got one yet, since we can’t spend any money on pubs etc, save up and get one as soon as the lockdown is lifted, you won’t regret it!

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T Burton

A fabulous product. We took delivery of a Serenity Edition 5-6 Person Eco Tub in October 2020, and waited a few weeks to test it out before posting a review. We did a fair bit of research and even visited some competing brands. The Cotswold Eco Tub has really delivered - it was slightly cheaper than its rivals but seemed to us better engineered with every design aspect very well thought through. The seating design is particularly good and comfortable.The integrated wood burner is neat, safe and very effective, and really does heat a full tub from cold to 38 degrees in 1 - 1.5 hours. It is extremely cheap to run and keeps hot for ages. The tub materials (wood and interior) are high quality and well put together. They seem very easy to clean and maintain. The wood burner glass door can be removed instantly for cleaning and allows easy regulation of the water temperature. The top cover is pretty large (best to have two people to handle it) and we will probably get an insulated lid in due course. Best of all, the customer service was unbelievable - Lauren and Guy delivered the tub personally and gave useful guidance on how to install it (which is simplicity itself). They answered queries over the weekend and were exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. They are real enthusiasts and determined to make sure you enjoy their product.


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J Wilson

We just had our tub delivered and are absolutely delighted with it. What a great company. From the first phone call to a perfect delivery on the day! The quality of the tub is great and it does deliver everything it says on the tin. Would highly recommend! Thanks guys

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