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Foire aux questions et questions fréquemment posées Dépannage

 Nous avons compilé une liste de questions courantes et fourni des réponses détaillées, car nous reconnaissons que vous pouvez avoir de nombreuses questions sur votre nouvelle Eco Tub  . Que vous soyez un nouveau client ou un utilisateur de longue date, cette page vise à répondre à toutes vos questions concernant nos Eco Tubs, leurs fonctionnalités, leur entretien et bien plus encore.

La simplicité étant la base de la conception des spas au bois, la possession de votre Eco Tub doit être simple et sans stress. Pour garantir cela, nous avons élaboré des guides complets pour vous aider à résoudre les problèmes mineurs que vous pourriez rencontrer en cours de route. Si vous ne trouvez pas l'aide dont vous avez besoin concernant un problème que vous pourriez rencontrer, veuillez remplir le formulaireFormulaire de rapport de problème.

Si vous ne trouvez pas ici la réponse à votre question, n'hésitez pas à

contact notre équipe de service client compétente.

  • What are some of the main benefits of a wood-fired hot tub in comparison to an electric hot tub?
    1) Quick Heat-Up: Our Eco Tubs excel in terms of heat-up time. With an efficient design, these tubs can heat up in as little as 1.5 hours, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing soak without long waiting times. This is particularly convenient when you want to use the hot tub spontaneously or on short notice - perfect with our varying British weather! Electric hot tubs take longer to heat up, which may require you to plan your relaxation sessions well in advance (or have the expensive heaters running whether you are going to be taking a dip or not!). The quick heat-up of wood-fired hot tubs provides you with more flexibility and on-demand access to soothing warmth and relaxation. 2) Maneuverability: Our Eco Tubs are designed to be lightweight and relatively portable, allowing for easy maneuverability. You can conveniently move the tub within your outdoor space, enabling you to find the perfect spot for your relaxation needs. Whether you want to chase the sun, create a more private setting, or rearrange your outdoor setup, the maneuverability of our Eco Tubs gives you the freedom to adapt your outdoor oasis as needed. This flexibility adds to the enjoyment and convenience of owning your Cotswold Eco Tub. 3) Cost Efficiency: One significant advantage - and the most important factor for many - of our Eco Tubs is their cost-effective running costs. Wood is a cheaper fuel source compared to the spiralling electricity required to heat an electric hot tub. By utilizing firewood as the fuel, wood-fired hot tubs offer a more economical long-term solution, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub without a significant increase in utility bills. This cost efficiency can be especially appealing for those seeking an affordable and sustainable way to indulge in relaxation. 4) The natural beauty of wood, with its intricate grain patterns and warm tones, creates an inviting and rustic aesthetic that adds charm to any outdoor space. The combination of the wooden tub, the crackling fire, and the rising steam creates a captivating ambiance that enhances the overall visual experience. Unlike electric tubs, which may appear more standardized, plastic and modern, wood-fired hot tubs offer a unique and timeless charm that resonates with nature lovers and those seeking a more organic and visually pleasing addition to their outdoor retreat.
  • How often does the water need changing?
    Advising on the frequency of water changes in your Eco Tub is a little tricky as it depends on a variety of factors. For commercial settings, we recommend performing full water changes between customers to ensure optimal cleanliness. However, for personal use, several factors come into play such as: Children: If little ones are enjoying the tub and occasionally getting in with muddy feet, it may require more frequent water changes. Creams and Products: The use of sun cream, fake tan, and similar products can affect water quality and may necessitate more regular water changes. Food or Debris: Accidental spills or debris entering the water can impact its cleanliness and may require additional water changes. Water Quality: The initial quality of your water source can influence how often you need to change the water. Factors like hardness, mineral content, and impurities can all play a role. Water Treatment: The use of water treatment methods such as chlorine, bromine, or Active Silver Oxygen can help maintain water quality and potentially extend the time between water changes. In general, the average user can expect to enjoy multiple uses of their tub over several days before considering a water change. As you become familiar with your routine and specific needs, you'll discover the frequency that suits you best. It's worth noting that even with additional water changes compared to electric tubs, the cost remains affordable. A full water change in The Burford model, for example, costs approximately £1.32, and the cleaning process is straightforward. This makes Eco Tubs highly economically viable and easy to maintain, ensuring a hassle-free and cost-effective experience.
  • Do Eco Tubs require water treatment such as chlorine?
    When it comes to water treatment for our Eco Tubs, the requirements vary depending on the type of system. For our Air bubble system Eco Tubs, no water treatment is necessary. The bubbles in these tubs are created by compressed air, which is released directly into the water, minimizing the risk of bacterial growth. However, for our Hydro bubble system Eco Tubs, we highly recommend water treatment. This is because the system utilizes water pipes to create the invigorating water jets, and without proper treatment, bacteria can potentially thrive inside these pipes. To maintain optimal hygiene, we advise implementing a water treatment regimen. While our tubs are designed to be resistant to both Chlorine and Bromine, we encourage the use of water treatment to ensure the overall health and cleanliness of the water. For this purpose, we recommend the 'Active Silver Oxygen' treatment from Clarion Spa. This gentle and environmentally friendly alternative to harsher Chlorine-based chemicals not only maintains water quality but also promotes the well-being of sensitive skin. An added bonus is that the treated water can be repurposed for watering plants in the garden, embracing eco-conscious practices. To support your water treatment efforts, we are pleased to offer a 10% discount on 'Active Silver Oxygen' at Clarion Spa. Simply use the code 'CotswoldVIP' when ordering from their website at By incorporating water treatment into your routine, you can ensure a hygienic and enjoyable bathing experience in our range of Eco Tubs.
  • How is water temperature maintained?
    Mastering the art of operating our wood-fired hot tubs is a breeze, especially for those familiar with household wood burners. With a short learning curve, you'll quickly find it simple to achieve the desired results. To keep the fire roaring and raise the water temperature, it's as easy as leaving the vents on the boiler door open. This allows for an ample oxygen supply, fueling the fire and generating the heat needed. Once you've reached the desired temperature, typically around 40 degrees Celsius for most bathers, it's time to maintain the warmth. Simply slide the vents closed to restrict the oxygen supply to the fire. By doing so, you effectively reduce the burn rate, enabling you to sustain the desired temperature with ease. With this straightforward technique, you'll effortlessly manage the fire and water temperature in our wood-fired hot tubs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable bathing experience.
  • How long do Eco Tubs take to heat up?
    The heating time can vary based on several factors, including the quality of wood used, your fire-lighting skills, the ambient temperature, and the presence of the Insulated Cover. When the Insulated Cover is in place, you'll experience significantly reduced heating times compared to an uncovered tub. Our tests have shown that using the cover increases heat efficiency by approximately 30%. It's a game-changer (and why our Eco Tubs come complete with Insulated Covers as standard!). Here are some additional tips to expedite the heating process: 1) Periodically turn on the bubble system for a few seconds to help circulate the warm water. 2) Use a good few handfuls of kindling upon the lighting your Eco Tub to help achieve a higher temperature swiftly. With these tips in mind, the heating time can range from as short as 30 minutes (when the tub is already warm and the lid is promptly replaced) to around 3 hours during the coldest winter days. As a general guideline, expect a lead time of approximately 1.5 hours. The larger Eco Tubs will generally take longer due to the increased volume of water. We take pride in using a unique double-induction boiler system that enables us to achieve some of the market-leading heat-up times. With our efficient design and attention to detail, you can count on enjoying your Eco Tub without prolonged waits for it to reach the perfect temperature.
  • What electricity source do I need?
    One of the advantages of our Eco Tubs is their minimal electrical power requirement. While the main heating source is the firewood (making significant savings both in money and time compared to heating using electricity!), you only need a very low-cost 13 amp power source to operate the lights and bubbles. This means you can enjoy the added ambiance of underwater LED lighting and the soothing sensation of bubbles without worrying about significant energy consumption or expensive electrical installations. By utilizing a standard power source, our Eco Tubs provide an economical solution for enhancing your bathing experience without putting a strain on your utility bills. Of course, you could always opt to run your Eco Tub 'off grid'! We have some customers who have hooked their Eco Tubs up to solar power, leisure batteries or simply choose to not to have them plugged in!
  • What wood should I use? Can I use Coal?
    We always recommend using kiln-dried wood for optimal performance. It's crucial that the wood you choose has a low moisture content, preferably below 20%. Kiln-dried wood offers several advantages, including a high burning temperature, which leads to minimal smoke during the heat-up process and faster heat-up times. It's the ideal choice for an efficient and enjoyable experience. On the other hand, it's important to note that coal should not be used with our tubs. Coal is not to be used due to it's burning temperature and will void your warranty (plus, we can't image it would be the most pleasant bathing experience!). Stick to kiln-dried wood for the best results and to ensure the longevity of your Eco Tub.
  • What surface is required?
    The placement options for your hot tub are quite versatile, as they can be positioned on various surfaces. The key requirement is that the surface is level and structurally capable of supporting the weight of a filled tub. This ensures both stability and safety during use. If you intend to place your tub on decking, we advise using the hoselock adapter included with your tub for water drainage. It's essential to avoid allowing the water to free-drain directly onto the wooden decking, as this can potentially cause damage over time. To protect the decking further, we recommend placing a hearth, such as slate or marble, beneath the boiler door area to prevent any fire-related splatters. Another important consideration is the water drainage. It's essential to plan and determine where and how you will empty the water from the tub - luckily, with our complimentary hoselock adapters, you shouldn't be stuck for a solution! Taking these factors into account will help you create a suitable and sustainable setup for your hot tub, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable experience.
  • How many logs do the Eco Tubs take to heat up?
    The number of logs required to heat up your Eco Tub can vary based on several factors. To reach a temperature of around 40 degrees in the Burford model, it typically takes approximately 10 quarter-split logs measuring 8 to 12 inches in length, along with a generous handful of kindling. However, it's important to consider that the actual number of logs needed can be influenced by variables such as the atmospheric temperature, starting temperature of the water, usage of the Insulated Cover, quality of the logs - such as moisture content, and the fire you ignite. These factors can impact the efficiency and heat output of the wood-fired heating system. By keeping these factors in mind and experimenting with different combinations, you'll discover the optimal amount of logs needed to achieve your desired temperature. It's always advisable to start with the recommended quantity and make adjustments based on your specific circumstances to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable hot tub experience.
  • How do I clean my Eco Tub?
    Cleaning your Eco Tub with a fiberglass or acrylic interior is a straightforward process that ensures the cleanliness of your tub. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you maintain a pristine and enjoyable bathing experience: 1) Drain the water: Start by draining the water from your Eco Tub completely. This can be done by allowing your Eco Tub to free drain or via the hoselock fitting and direct to a drain etc, depending on your preferences. 2) Remove debris: Once the tub is empty, remove any remaining debris, leaves, or other objects that may have accumulated at the bottom. If your tub is placed near a tree, you might find with leaves etc. it be beneficial to purchase a water hoover. 3) Clean the interior: Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that could damage the fiberglass. We recommend a non-bleach bathroom cleaner. Spray the interior of your Eco Tub with your cleaning solution. Next, using a sponge, cloth or a mop, give your Eco Tub a thorough wipe over paying close attention to areas with visible dirt or stains. Take care not to use excessive force or abrasive materials that could scratch the interior. 4) Rinse thoroughly: Once the interior is clean, rinse the tub thoroughly with clean water to remove any residue or soap residue. Ensure all cleaning solution is completely removed. 5) Close the drainage tap, refill & enjoy! If you're not going to be using your Eco Tub within a few days of refilling, we recommend leaving your Eco Tub empty. To keep your Eco Tub in optimal condition, it's recommended to establish a regular cleaning routine. With proper care and regular cleaning, your interior will remain pristine, ensuring a hygienic and enjoyable soaking experience for years to come.
  • How do I maintain the exterior cladding of my Eco Tub?
    Maintenance is an important aspect of keeping your Eco Tub looking its best over time. The wood used in our tubs is carefully treated to withstand various weather conditions for several years. However, in harsher environments or after prolonged exposure, you may notice the finish becoming dull. If this occurs, we recommend treating your tub with Danish Oil, which will help revive the wood's natural luster and provide added protection against the elements. If you desire to freshen up your tub or want to explore a new color scheme, you have the option to use reputable outdoor paint, varnish, or stain. Just like with any garden timber products, ensure that you choose a product specifically designed for outdoor use. Before applying the paint, varnish, or stain, ensure that the surface of the tub is clean and dry. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding application techniques, drying times, and any additional steps, such as sanding or priming. By periodically maintaining and treating your Eco Tubs, you can extend its longevity and preserve its aesthetic appeal. Whether it's reviving the wood's natural beauty with Danish Oil or adding a fresh coat of paint to match your changing preferences, these maintenance options allow you to customize and care for your tub, ensuring many more years of enjoyment.
  • What grade steel is the boiler? Do I need to upgrade it?
    At Cotswold Eco Tubs, we build our range of Eco Tubs with everything you need as standard and are comitted to our ethos of 'no hidden extras' - with this in mind, all of our Eco Tubs come with a minimum of Grade 304 as standard (rather than the typical Grade 430 offered as standard from some companies). Let's explore the benefits of Grade 304 steel and why it is an excellent choice for wood-fired hot tubs: 1) Superior Corrosion Resistance: Grade 304 steel is highly resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for Eco Tubs exposed to water and varying weather conditions. It contains a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, which creates a protective oxide layer on the surface, known as the passive layer. This passive layer acts as a shield, preventing rust and corrosion. 2) Exceptional Durability: Eco Tubs need to withstand the rigors of regular use and exposure to heat and moisture. Grade 304 steel offers excellent durability, ensuring that your Eco Tub remains structurally sound and reliable over time. Its high tensile strength and resistance to impact and deformation make it a reliable choice. 3) Hygienic and Easy to Clean: Grade 304 steel has a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. It is resistant to staining, which is especially important in Eco Tubs where water and various substances come into contact with the surface. In short, for the majority of users & Eco Tubs, Grade 304 is perfect and there is absolutely no need to spend more money. If you would prefer Grade 316, this can, of course, be arranged. Please contact us for pricing.
  • How many people can Eco Tubs accomodate?
    We are proud offer a diverse range of options that can accommodate varying group sizes and preferences. Whether you're seeking a cozy retreat for two or a spacious oasis for larger gatherings, Cotswold Eco Tubs has the perfect solution for your family, friends, or even commercial needs. For intimate moments or personal relaxation, our 2-person Glyme Eco Tub provides a serene and cozy space. If you're looking to host memorable gatherings or create a luxurious experience for a larger volume of guests, our larger Moreton Eco Tub offers ample room, comfortably accommodating up to 10 people. With a wide selection of sizes in between, we're confident that our range of Eco Tubs includes the ideal fit for your specific requirements.
  • Do Eco Tubs arrive fully assembled?
    Your Eco Tub is carefully crafted and delivered to your doorstep fully assembled except a few finishing touches that should only take 10 - 15 minutes, ensuring a hassle-free experience from the moment it arrives and no delays until you can take your first dip! To view the step-by-step instructions on how how to complete assembly, please head over to our User Guides. It's simple, we promise! However, we also understand that some customers may prefer a flat-packed installation option for access reasons. While this service is available, please note that charges will apply, and the availability may vary depending on your location and the model you have selected. During peak season, availability will also be limited. Please contact us for a personalized quotation and further details. If we are unable to offer installation to you and you feel that your access may not be sufficient for a fully-assembled Eco Tub, please send us over a video from your nearest road access & measurements at the narrowest point and we'd be pleased to make any suggestions that we may have!
  • Water is dripping from near by boiler!
    If you notice water dripping from below the boiler of your Eco Tub, there's no need to panic. This is a normal occurrence and indicates that moisture is escaping from the condensate valve, which is where the moisture from the wood is released. It's actually a sign that your Eco Tub is functioning efficiently. As the tub reaches its operating temperature, you will likely observe a reduction in the amount of water dripping. In some cases, the water may appear strongly discolored, which could indicate that the firewood used has been treated with wood treatment chemicals. If you have concerns about the origin of the water, you can perform a simple check for reassurance. Place your hand where the drip is coming from, and you should be able to feel a small hole, confirming that it is indeed the condensate valve responsible for the water release. Remember, the presence of water dripping from the condensate valve is a normal part of the wood-fired hot tub operation and should not be a cause for alarm.
  • I'm experiencing more smoke than usual!
    Our Eco Tubs are designed to allow for a clean burn, so as a customer if you are experiencing more smoke than usual this is, of course, natural cause for concern. Excessive smoke from your Eco Tub can be an indication of incomplete combustion or improper burning conditions. Here are a few possible reasons why your Eco Tub might be producing excessive smoke: 1) Wet or unseasoned wood: Using wet or unseasoned wood with high moisture content can lead to smoky fires. Make sure to use dry, well-seasoned firewood that has been properly stored and has a moisture content below 20%. Wet wood takes longer to ignite and burn efficiently, resulting in more smoke. Kiln Dried wood is heavily recommended. 2) Poor airflow: Insufficient airflow can cause incomplete combustion and smoky fires. Check if the air vents on the boiler door are fully open and not blocked. Proper airflow ensures a sufficient oxygen supply for the fire, promoting cleaner and more efficient burning. 3) Improper firewood arrangement: How you arrange the firewood can affect the airflow and combustion. Ensure that the firewood is properly stacked, allowing for good airflow between the logs. Avoid overcrowding the boiler, as it can restrict oxygen flow and lead to smoky fires. 4) Dirty or clogged chimney: A dirty or clogged chimney can impede the smooth flow of smoke and result in backdraft. Periodic cleaning of the chimney to remove any creosote or debris buildup that can restrict the venting of smoke is recommended. 5) Damaged or faulty components: Check for any damaged or malfunctioning components, such as a cracked chimney. These issues can affect the proper functioning of your Eco Tub and lead to increased smoke production.
  • There isn't much warmth coming from the boiler!
    If you notice a decrease in hot water flow from the water inlet (the top hole on the high seat/boiler housing) of your wood-fired hot tub, it could be a sign of an air lock. To address this issue, we suggest using a hose pipe to resolve the air lock. First, insert the hose pipe into the outlet (the bottom hole on the high seat/boiler housing) and turn on the water with as much pressure as possible. Keep an eye on the top outlet and you should observe air bubbles escaping if there is an air lock present. To help maximise the air release, repeat the process by inserting the hose pipe into the inlet and then switch it to the outlet. Continue alternating until the escaping air becomes minimal. By utilizing this method, you can effectively release any trapped air and restore proper water flow in your Eco Tub.
  • Smoke is escaping from the boiler door rather than up the chimney!
    Occasionally, the chimneys may experience a lack of draw, resulting in poor smoke ventilation. This can happen due to various factors such as insufficient air supply or unfavorable weather conditions. However, there's a simple technique you can use to address this issue: a few deep puffs of air. If you notice that your chimney is not drawing properly, first ensure that the damper or air vents are fully open to allow for maximum air intake. If the chimney is still not drawing well, try this effective method. Kneel close to the opened boiler door and take a deep breath. Then, lean forward slightly and exhale forcefully into the chimney, creating a burst of air. Repeat this process a few times, taking care not to inhale any smoke or get too close to the flames. The purpose of these deep puffs of air is to create a sudden burst of pressure within the chimney, which helps to improve the air circulation and re-instate the draw.
  • My new Eco Tub has no power to it!
    Please ensure that you have checked the position of the trip switch. The trip switch is located in a housing approximately one-third of the way up the side of your Eco Tub. To access it, open the panel and locate the switch. If the switch is in the down position, simply flick it up to reset it.
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