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Discovering Favourites: Our Team's Personal Picks

Our next run of blog posts will be where each member of our team takes a moment to share their current favourite product and the reasons behind their choice. We thought this would be helpful to help explore the benefits of each model! As this was my idea, I thought I should probably go first...

So, here is my (Lauren's) current favourite product -

1. Perfect Size for Most Families

One of my favourite features of the Kingham Eco Tub is its ideal size. It has ample space for 5 (plus the space of the 'bucket seat' above the integrated boiler!) making it the perfect fit for most families. At 200cm x 200cm, excluding steps, it's not an enormous tub so will fit in most gardens but comes packed with so many features (see point 3!).

2. Highly Efficient Design

Efficiency is a key consideration in any eco-friendly product, and I think Kingham Eco Tub takes the crown in this department due to it's modest water capacity (around 1000L). The tub's insulation is also top-notch, helping you to keep the water temperature just right.

3. Incredible Standard Specification

As mentioned above, the Kingham is loaded with features that elevate your hot tub experience to new heights. Here's some that standout to me:

- Grade 316 Stainless Steel Wood Burner: The Kingham comes equipped with a high-quality Grade 316 stainless steel integrated wood burner, providing a natural and efficient way to heat your tub. This premium grade ensures durability and resistance to corrosion, making it a reliable and long-lasting component of your eco-friendly hot tub experience.

- Thermowood Exterior: The tub's exterior is crafted from thermowood, a sustainable and durable material that not only enhances the tub's aesthetic appeal but also ensures longevity, even in the unpredictable British weather.

- Integrated Seating: Designed with comfort in mind, the Kingham features integrated pillows that provides ergonomic support for the ultimate relaxation experience. It's the little details like this that draws me to this model.

- LED Lighting System: As with all of our tubs (but something that I still think is worth mentioning!) you can extend your hot tub enjoyment into the evening with the integrated LED lighting system. Create a soothing ambiance or a lively atmosphere – the choice is yours.

- Insulated Cover: Keeping the heat in and debris out, the insulated cover is not only functional but adds a touch of elegance to your Kingham Eco Tub. Studies have shown that insulated covers can increase heat efficiency by around 30%, ensuring you get the most out of your eco-friendly soaking experience.

- Supreme Steps with Built-In Wood Storage and Hand Rail: The Kingham sets itself apart with the inclusion of three-step wood storage supreme steps. These steps not only offer easy access to your tub but also provide convenient wood storage, keeping your fuel close at hand. The added hand rail ensures safety as you step into relaxation. For other models, this is an upgrade worth up to £500.00.

- American Acrylic Shell: The highly scratch-resistant American acrylic shell adds a touch of luxury to your soaking experience. Its durability ensures longevity, and the 'squircle' shape of the tub provides a perfect drink and snack ledge all the way around which, if you're anything like me, helps in enhancing your overall enjoyment & is great when entertaining!

- Combined Air and Hydro Water Jet System: The Kingham's combined air and hydro water jet system, provides a powerful (yet incredibly quiet!) massage experience.

4. Amazing new options of additional extras

We pride ourselves in all of our models coming with a high 'all inclusive' standard specification - the idea of someone 'upgrading' their package to include something fundamental to their tub, such as a cover or steps, for me is just daft. However, we do have a small range of options that you can add to some models including The Kingham & I think they're great:

  • Secondary electric heater - a small heater that once you have achieved your desired temperature (so circa 40 degrees for most of us) you can pop this on to maintain. As the lions share of the heating will have come from the wood burning boiler, this still remains really economical compared to an electric heated tub.

  • Farrow & Ball paint finish - I think anything painted in F&B just finishes things off nicely. That said, my overall favourite finish for The Kingham has to be the Oak thermowood (which is offered as standard). I think the Oak coloured stain finish is timeless & suits most surroundings.

  • Filter system - this is external and can either be housed under the wood storage steps or in an additional matching storage box. For me personally, I prefer to run tubs without a filter system as I think the freedom of just draining the water and moving on with life is much easier than maintaining water levels. I think viewing your tub as a 'wood burning bath in the garden' keeps it much more simple and gets you back to what you should be doing - relaxing! That said, a filter is important in removing debris and so, for people that do prefer to keep the same body of water in their tub for longer it's a no brainer!

My Personal Experience: Enjoying the Serenity of Wood Crackling

When I last had the opportunity to use the Kingham Eco Tub at the start of December, I was (again!) astounded by its efficiency. In just under an hour, I had the tub up to the perfect temperature despite the blustery weather. The following day, the tub was still in the mid 30s and I simply popped a few more logs on - within a short while it was ready to enjoy again!

As mentioned in the features, The Kingham comes with a fantastic bubble system and I really enjoyed the water massage this provided. After an hour or two, I opted to turn the bubbles off and just enjoy the almost silence with the only thing I could hear being the comforting crackling of the wood in the boiler.

In Conclusion

For me, The Kingham Eco Tub is the epitome of eco-friendly luxury, and its standard specification goes above and beyond.



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