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Introducing the Cotswold Eco Tubs' Latest Innovation: The Blenheim

With its fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, The Blenheim is set to revolutionise the hot tub experience.

The Perfect Hybrid

Imagine the warmth of a crackling fire combined with the convenience of modern technology – that's the essence of The Blenheim. Crafted to perfection, this hybrid hot tub utilizes wood for rapid heating, boasting an impressive heat-up time of just around 1.5 hours. Once heated, a discreet 2kW electrical heater takes over, ensuring that your desired temperature is effortlessly maintained. It's the ideal choice for those who seek the cosy ambience of a wood-fired tub without compromising on convenience.

Features Designed for Perfection

The Blenheim is not just about warmth; it's a symphony of features meticulously designed to enhance your relaxation experience:

- Integrated Cartridge Filter: Say goodbye to frequent water changes. The integrated cartridge filter allows you to enjoy pristine water for extended periods, with minimal maintenance required.

-Electrical Heater: Equipped with a 2 kW heater, The Blenheim ensures your water remains at the ideal temperature following the initial heat-up with the wood burner. This feature provides both efficiency and convenience, with running costs of around 49p per hour.

- Insulated Cover: Our advanced insulation technology increases heat efficiency by approximately 30%, ensuring that every soak is as energy-efficient as it is indulgent.

- Acrylic Liner: Crafted from premium American acrylic, The Blenheim's liner offers superior scratch and chemical resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability and thermal retention.

- Grade 316 Boiler & Metalwork: Engineered for resilience, our high-grade boiler and metalwork are resistant to the harshest chemicals, guaranteeing years of trouble-free enjoyment.

- Hydro System: Experience tranquillity with our whisper-quiet hydro system, designed to provide the most soothing bubble experience imaginable.

- Interior LED Lights: Immerse yourself in a captivating aquatic ambience with seven atmospheric underwater LED lights, creating an enchanting atmosphere for relaxation.

- Tension Bands: Designed for longevity, two stainless steel tension bands complement the Spruce cladding, ensuring that The Blenheim remains as stunning as the day it was installed.

- Steps & Drinks Bar: Complete your outdoor oasis with Spruce two-tier steps and a drinks bar featuring a wine chiller, seamlessly integrating with the exterior cladding.

Experience Luxury, Sustainably

At Cotswold Eco Tubs, we believe in luxury without compromise. That's why The Blenheim is not only designed to enhance your well-being but also to minimize its environmental footprint. From its efficient heating system to its durable construction, every aspect of The Blenheim is engineered with sustainability in mind.

Order Yours Today

Excited to experience the unparalleled luxury of The Blenheim? Place your order now with a lead time of just 2-5 weeks. Whether for commercial use or personal indulgence, The Blenheim is the epitome of luxury, sustainability, and innovation.

Pricing for the 'all-inclusive' package is £7099.00 (inc. VAT) for the 200cm model and £7989.00 (inc. VAT) for the 225cm model.

You can secure your new tub for just a £500.00 deposit.

Visit us in the Cotswolds to view The Blenheim in-person - viewings currently by appointment only!



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